How to Trim a Dogs Toenails

dog nailsJust like us dogs do need some nail trimming as well. Be reminded that trimming for them is not just a matter of grooming as this affects its health big time. Untrimmed nails can cause different types of health problems of which broken nails is most rampant and is very much painful. So then, by the time you hear that clicking sound coming from the floor you already know what to do.

The ease in trimming your dog’s nail depends on how well it is accustomed to it. You may notice that some dogs does not really care when someone is cutting their nails and for some it is like spending a time in hell you constantly hear them dog cry. Make the trimming fun. Do the trimming little by little slowly and gradually. The secret in making dogs comfortable with the entire nail cutting matter is making sure that it is enjoying, feeling that everything will be fine within the whole experience. The following are some guidelines assuring you help you in giving your dog a good pedicure experience.

Learn from the Professional. Have your veterinarian teach you how to cut your dogs nails. In this way you will avoid that probability of hurting your pet. And of course, your little darling will not be scared of having its nails cut.

Use the Proper Equipment. Only use trimmers specifically designed for dogs. There are different types of trimmers available in pet stores. Veterinarians have them too so it is also advisable to check trimmers with them as well.

Familiarize with the Anatomy. There is a blood and nerve supply for the nail at the center of each toenail called Quick. Looking at the humans white clear nails the quick is the pinkish area in the middle of the nail. On the other hand, with regard to the dog’s nails its owner can barely notice it for the dog’s nail color is black. Mind that cutting the Quick will result to bleeding and extreme pain on the part of your pet. Now of course we do not want our dog to suffer and so it is advisable to cut the dark area of the nails little by little.

Early Training. It is best to start trimming your dog’s nails at an early age. It is at ones young age that behavior, routine is being developed. The more frequent your dog experience nail trimming the faster for it to shake the fear of being hurt and the easier for its owner to cut those extra nails.

Procedure in Trimming

  • There are dogs who are already accustomed in having their nails done and there are dogs who are not. Have your dog restrained in a table when you are cutting its nails. This is so to avoid any accidents such as cutting the quick.
  • Cut the dog’s nails below the quick on a 45 degree angle with the cutting end of the nail clipper toward the end of the nail. Trim very small and thin slices off the end of the nail until you can already see the black dot appear towards the center of the nail when you look at it head on. Cut the nails without hurting the quick and make sure to stop only when the nails already do not touch the floor.
  • In case the dog’s quick has been cut cure immediately with silver nitrate products. These types of products can be bought at any pet store and it also maybe available with your veterinarian for purchasing. Cornstarch or flour may also be used to stop bleeding. Apply bandage on the wound lightly for 15minutes. If the bleeding continues call your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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